Biobased Creations of Company New Heroes, together with the Dutch Design Foundation started an experiment with other design, knowledge and building pioneers, to build an iconic biobased pavilion for the DDW 2019: The Growing Pavilion. With this structure we show the possibilities, and above all the wonderful beauty, of biobased construction.

The pavilion is unique in the way in which a large number of biobased materials, such as wood, hemp, mycelium, cattail, and cotton, come together to form an extraordinary creation. Read along in our Material Atlas, presented below. In this atlas, we share the collection of materials that we found in our search for biobased designing and building. The book shows how far we can go at this moment in our ambition for entirely biobased building. Look around and discover the origin of the materials that we’ve used and be inspired by the smart way in which they can be applied.

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