The Growing Pavilion Documentary

We made an 8-minute documentary in which you can see and hear all about the “reason why” we built the pavilion, how it’s made and the deeper story behind it. 

Reasons Why

In addition to inspiring people and shedding light on the necessity of making this switch, we also make ourselves vulnerable through the transparency of this project. We are literally and figuratively opening our book to the public, showcasing our long research in the world of biobased building and the necessity behind it.

How it’s made

We made sure to also document the building and making process, in order to showcase the journey that lead to this breathtaking end-result: The Growing Pavilion.


Every day during the Dutch Design Week, actors from New Heroes were present to take visitors in groups of 20 through our search for biobased building and biobased aesthetics. Where did our journey start? What did we come across and how can we dream about a biobased future together?

Mushroom harvesting

Edible mushrooms can grow from mycelium, one of the main building materials of The Growing Pavilion. During the Dutch Design Week we grew some of these edible fungi and harvested them daily at 15:00. People could literally taste The Growing Pavilion by taking some mushrooms home, for an organic dinner.  We’ve got a recipe from … Continued


During the Dutch Design Week Designer of The Growing Pavilion Pascal Leboucq was also the curator of the Growing Pavilion Exhibition. He gave both emerging and established biobased designers a platform to inspire visitors. In the world of fashion and design, biobased designers flourish with pieces of furniture, rugs, lamps and other objects. Even after … Continued

Growing Music

Every morning during the Dutch Design Week, The Growing Pavilion was opened with a live concert with the music of J.S. Bach. With his notes? as a starting point, a number of musicians created live moments, which were recorded and processed into a soundscape. Every day new ones were added, as food for the soundscape, … Continued

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