GROW is a concept-project by designer Pascal Leboucq and Lucas De Man which originates from the Artist in Residency of Company New Heroes at the Rabobank Netherlands. GROW is a result of the desire for a new icon for the Rabobank. Not an arrogant image, but a human symbol that represents connection and integrates new developments in food and agri culture. A circulair artwork which both shows vulnerability as well as strength.

GROW is designed as a, nine meter high, sculpture in the shape of a rising human figure completely build from mycelium building blocks, over 6000 in total. Mycelium is the vegetative part of a fungus, a bacterial colony, which operates as a natural glue for organic waste which can be the soil for eatable mushrooms. Mycelium is used more and more as essential element in all kinds of applications, for example in medicines, construction elements, food and waste processing, an true organic connector.

After the breeding process the mycelium building blocks will be collected and together form a human figure. This sculpture is sitting down with his hands in front of his body towards who-ever is in front of him/her.

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