Professionals and the public inspire and activate about the possibilities, benefits and beauty of circular and biobased buildings. To this end, Company New Heroes works in the Embassy Circular & Biobased Building of the World Design Embassies program (WDE) with a large number of pioneers from the world of circular and biobased design and construction. Through storytelling and imagination, we want to stimulate the demand for materials by making both professionals from construction and architecture and consumers more aware of the quality of biobased materials. On the other hand, we want to improve the range of materials by offering the designers a stage and stimulating them to develop further. An important milestone in this long-term collaboration is Dutch Design Week (DDW). Here the Embassy partners show the results of their cooperation in combination with their own projects.

We built The Growing Pavilion for Dutch Design Week 2019. A pavilion of biobased materials in which we received 75,000 visitors, which is still published in (inter) national publications and which will be part of the Preview Center of the Floriade after the summer of 2020. For the upcoming edition, Pascal Leboucq of Company New Heroes designed The Exploded View.

The Exploded View is

  • an iconic and modular pavilion that makes the latest state of affairs in circular and biobased materials and stories (visions and applications) visible and tangible;
  • an open source study into the flows, qualities and applicability of the materials presented in the pavilion.

Pavilion in 2021

An iconic pavilion made of the circular and biobased materials and stories in the form of an archetype house. In some thematic rooms stories about materials and their necessity and contribution to the world on the one hand and their applicability in the construction or residential world are told on the other. And a number of free space (s) tells the bigger story about living and building in the future.

It is the central statement and eye-catcher of the Embassy of Circular and Biobased Building during the World Design Event of DDW 2021. After which it can inspire a wide audience in its entirety or in parts on many other stages with the latest materials and stories.

Research program in 2020

To arrive at The Exploded View, we started with an open source study. We will be looking for the latest biobased materials and circular working methods and their ‘stories’ in various places (online and offline) together with pioneers from the entire chain and within the themes of The Exploded View. Together with a panel of experts, we make a complete and “readable” overview of the qualities and pain points of these materials for each material, including the currently underexposed values ​​such as health and impact on agriculture and the environment.

Part of the research program is to set up a development process with a number of designers / producers of experimental materials, in which we can take a number of techniques and materials a step further, based on The Exploded View.

Dutch Design Week 2020

Open Source working is one of the starting points. We will therefore share the knowledge gained online and physically. From DDW 2020 in a Public Research Installation, a multimedia scale model of The Exploded View, and from DDW 2021 in The Exploded View. With the idea that both installations with a matching program after the premiere at DDW, can travel to various festivals, fairs and meeting places.

Are you participating?

Are you a pioneer in the field of circular and biobased building? And do you want to drive the circular and biobased economy through imagination and storytelling, collaborate / experiment with other pioneers and reach a wide audience? Then join the Embassy. There are many ways to participate: with knowledge, with techniques and materials and financially. For more information contact Company New Heroes:

  • Emiel Rietvelt – – 06 53185997
  • Diana van Bokhoven – – 06 14430780

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